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New premium earplugs from PINLOCK –

  • Protecting your hearing is vital when riding a motorcycle, especially for sustained periods. That is why we have researched and chosen what we believe to be the best protective and sensibly designed plugs on the market.

Pinlock Earplugs provide the best audio cancelling between the bands of 1kHz and 2kHz - This will protect you against wind and helmet-generated noise and substantially lower the onset of ear fatigue which can contribute to a sense of drowsiness when on the road. NOT only that, the Pinlock design allows air-flow into the ear canal minimizing irritation, build-up of hot air and the feeling of obstruction in the ears unlike other products on the market. 100% developed and manufactured in the Netherlands and individually tested using the latest in sound technology, all giving you confidence your ears are being well looked after!

Features -

  • Includes 2 filters (Red inserts), 2 medium earplugs and 2 large earplugs
  • Robust & reusable with fully washable tips and filters.
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Non toxic & Silicone Free
  • Complete with ear plug case with key and card holder
  • Noise reduction rate up to 24 DB (ANSI and ECE certified),
  • Does NOT affect the balance of the motorcyclist
  • Made from silicone-free medical grade TPE

 (These earplugs include two different sizes to guarantee a comfortable fit for motorcyclists whilst maintaining the patented precision filter technology, unlike the varying and unsecure fit of conventional foam earplugs. These have also been designed to complement helmet intercom systems by cancelling distracting noise pollution like wind and harsh motorcycle tones down to a safer level, while still allowing speech and sounds from emergency vehicles and car horns to be heard)

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